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I am very excited to embark on another leg of my journey through life. When I joined Lorraine Moulton at the Kamloops Centre for Therapy, I knew I had found a way to use my knowledge and experience to reach out to others in a different way.

Let me tell you a little about myself!

My thirty plus years of experience in the public school system has provided me with a unique perspective in dealing with and understanding child development, family conflict, and emotional problems. I am able to assist parents to more effectively see and meet the needs of their children, especially during impending divorce. The child caught between conflict of their parents can be heart wrenching. Assisting parents to understand how their negative behaviors impact their children will help prevent further distress. By coaching parents how to put aside their personal issues, I am able to support them in focusing on what is in the best interest of their children.

I have many Therapeutic techniques at my disposal to assist in affirmative change, but my main focus is establishing a positive relationship with my client. Counsellors deal with complex matters. First and foremost is assisting with a person’s capacity to heal, to adapt, and to grow. Instead of numbing our feelings, learning it is acceptable to be imperfect is freeing. Learning to understand our discomfort provides us with choices. It is the job of the counsellor to allow for change. Counselling provides healing, growth, and adaptation in the busy world around us where it is so hard to take time for ourselves.

My years as an educator and school and family consultant has provided me with an in-depth knowledge about education, including how people learn and the kind of support needed to facilitate learning. My experience has taught me the importance of lifelong learning, personal growth, and self-reflection. Counselling fosters an atmosphere of hope, optimism, humour, and compassion.

With the constant changing pace of work and family life, it is easy for individuals and parents, specifically, to feel stressed, conflicted, overwhelmed and over worked. This, coupled with illness, mood disorders, anxiety, and grief are just a few of the chronic stressors that we can’t avoid. My responsibility is to understand, empathize and offer approaches for self-understanding; to enable my clients to dissect their difficulties using their own insights.

I am pleased to share that I am a sanctioned group facilitator with the “After Care Counselling Group;” an adjunct service of the “Insite” program, sponsored by “Edgewood Treatment Center.” People who struggle with personal relationships, difficulty setting boundaries, trouble expressing feelings, as well as giving up control, gain insight through their recovery.

It is the human condition that none of us are immune to life’s tough balancing act. The time and effort that people devote to their emotional well-being has a direct positive result in their lives. Investing time in your own emotional well-being is the best investment you can make.

Helping you grow… Brenda Simpson


Note: from Lorraine….Brenda is a vibrant, enthusiastic, compassionate and loving individual. Her dedication to the well-being of the people she meets exudes from her pores. I am very proud to have her as part of our KCT team.

To Contact Brenda:

Kamloops Centre for Therapy
Phone: 250-828-1613

3-1315 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9