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Eating disorders are soul destroying and life threatening.  They devour the person’s sense of self, their right of entitlement to the simplest of pleasures, their power to expect to be listened to, seen, respected, and valued.  Disordered Eating is supported by the socio-cultural environment that creates the context of acceptance versus non-acceptance.

The role of the therapist is to de-construct these socio-cultural norms and establish a more personal and healthy set of rules that more aptly applies to each individual.  It is to create a healthy self-esteem and an identity for the person that reflects what others know about them.

The goal of therapy is that this person can see, value, respect, and honour the qualities that others see so clearly.  These qualities are hidden from the individual  because of their disordered thinking.  The other goal of therapy is to develop more appropriate cognitions and a deepening comfort and appreciation of their own emotional state and identity.