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Family Therapy is like excavating a gold mine.  Full of precious metals and a whole lot of dirt.  Sometimes the gold nuggets are there for everyone to see.  Sometimes they are buried deep.  And, usually, there’s a whole lot of fool’s gold – what looked precious on the surface but proved valueless once brushed off.  But, like most gold mines, if you dig deep enough you strike GOLD.

The role of the family therapist is to mine for gold.  To differentiate between fool’s gold and real gold.  In most cases, if you dig deep enough, you will find it.  Like a true mine, once you find it, you still have some refining to do.  The refining in family therapy is to identify and celebrate the unique qualities of each nugget.

The goal of family therapy is to celebrate the unique qualities of the nuggets of their discovery.  You might wish they were all round and smooth and symmetrical.  What if one is jagged and scratched?  It is no less beautiful.  Acceptance of differences is the goal and the key.  Inclusion in the idea of what is beautiful is the challenge.