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Residential School Abuse is a sad blight on the history of B.C. (and other provinces). It refers to the loss of personal identify, loss of a sense of community and connectedness, loss of culture, and a loss of ethnicity. As a result of these children being taken out of their world they were left adrift — on a raft without a rudder and no horizon to be seen. They, too often, became lost people.

The role of the therapist is to see them again. To not be blind. To hear what they have to say. To not be deaf. To identify (through our imaginary experiences) with their experiences. To help them re-connect with their real experiences. To honour their stories. It is also our role to see beyond. To search the horizons for the stars of their existence. To not allow them to limit themselves to the past. To view the world in a 3 pronged perspective: past / present / future. In doing this we can provide a vision of life outside of abuse and oppression.

The goal of therapy is to validate past experiences and failings, to orient to the present day – what is possible – and to create a future template – what can be.