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Whenever I hear the word “stress” the image that pops into my head is Garfield with energy spikes all over with only “one nerve left”.  In fact stress is necessary in our lives.  Without it, we would be flat-lined – in other words, dead.  Stress overload, however, is a different story.  A donkey with a balanced load can walk for miles over treacherous terrain.  A donkey with an unbalanced load will stumble and fall.

The role of the therapist is to help people realize how their load is unbalanced and to explore and identify ways to create balance and maintain it so that they can manoeuvre the treacherous terrain of life.  This is not an easy task for people given the demands of family, work, community, and self.

The goal  of therapy is to see people create a life plan for themselves, so that they can have it all – work satisfaction, connection with family and friends, and time for themselves to pursue their heart’s desires.